Chrome Bellows
Peyote Tapes 07
Wherein two former habitants of LA’s Il Corral and most under sung noise misanthropes on the planet, Bob Bellerue (Redglaer, Tecumseh, recent collab w/Telecult Powers, Anarchymoon label) and Raven Chacon (Black Guys, Cobra//Group, Sick,Sick,Sick label) give the accordion it’s much deserved due, that is strangling, stabbing and beating it into a brutalized pulp. Some of the most well executed and focused work by the duo yet. P.S.F. Records/High Rise/Mainliner/KISS tribute art. Super thick silver cardstock inserts, pro-dubbed and imprinted High-Bias Cobalt Tapes.
Edition of 100
ORDER: paypal peyotetapes at hotmail dot com

Tabs Out Review


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