Bob Bellerue Sadhana CS 40

Recorded Thanksgiving at the Kitchen NYC 2008. Sadhana is a requiem for dark times and burnt nightmares – you know what I’m talking about. Bob Bellerue has been releasing records and playing alongside such bad asses as GX Jupitter-Larson, z’ev and Telecult Powers since way back in the day. Dude has played in every noise spot in the country. Dude is well capable of conjuring oblique drones that entrance as well as ripping thru the atmosphere with harsh blasts of pure electricity. He does so on the regular as Redglear and in KILT. Dude is a sonic killer. Dude does that here, slowly and methodically. Sadhana leaves one with the feeling of having just experienced a focused meditative sonic ritual. Pro-dubbed High Cobalt Tapes.

$5 US

$7 INT

Email/paypal: peyotetapes at hotmail dot com

Bob Bellerue – Sadhana (Exerpt)

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