Emetic Verses – Verse IV

Emetic Verses is Nathan Young (Alms/Ajilvsga/Godseye) and Aston Coles (Blind Squab/Double Hook). Harsh as fuck crumbling wall noise and incantations.

Ripples on the Pond

Yonder he is coming

This is the same place

He comes, Yonder one coming

I am quoting his words

A person strange

There was a shouting

A Hidden place

Oh how frightened I became

There at the stream

Now the sound has dissappeared

So to dream

Here I say

The one swimming this way

What I heard

There is the place

Where one swims this way

Now I am describing it

The one of many colors

Now it has vanished

The one with a black mane

This is the place

Oh how pitiful I am

My father is listening

The glow

The sound of water

Now the sounds have ceased

This is the same place

Along the banks

A wonderful vision

My grandfather, standing

This expanse of the earth

Now he stops, the passionate old one

The same I say

The one that is going

Now I tell of it

The one with large horns

My mother who is white

My father where he stood

Now they have vanished

Now they are happy in spirit

I am telling of the vision

The sound of crackling wood

My father, what he said

Glows lying in the water

The one with a glow in it’s mouth

Now it has vanished in the water

When I cam upon the bank

This is the same place

Now look, there he stands

As he tells of the vision

I am telling of it

I am quoting his words

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