Baby Shampoo/Indian Weapons Split C30

Baby Shampoo are Albuquerque, New Mexico’s crustiest (and only) all girl noise unit. Here Peyote Tapes present a live recording of the ladies delivering a caustic and droning set at Titwrench, Denver CO’s all girl noise festival. Layers and layers of static, square waves and bass buzz converge into one blasting miasma of ur-woman sound. Indian Weapons are Oklahoma’s Brad Rose and Nathan Young churning wave after wave of blossoming organic vibration. Much like the duo’s previous work in Ajilvsga in that it’s heavy and intense, but rather than noise synth blast that is Ajilvsga’s modus operandi, Indian Weapons are more electro-acoustic and definitely more neon than dark. Edition of 50.

Look for Baby Shampoo’s Malinda Thursz (playing in her project VAVAZ) on tour with Yellow Crystal Star and Pregnant Spore in June.

$7 US
$9 INT

SOLD OUT – Digitalis will have limited copies

Email/paypal: peyotetapes at hotmail dot com

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